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Dionysius Collection : The VR concept with NFTs on Tezos

The concept of Virtual Reality change the way we look art. Art become alive thanks to it. First you watch the physical canvas .. you take time to enjoy each features. You feel it until falling inside and after a while, you need more. Here is the art paradoxe. Thanks to virtual reality, you can claim into the artwork. The artist share with a step forward his feelings, his imagination. So thanks to a video file superimposed to an artwork we see the combination of to extreme different nature : the Physical and the Digital. To add to this danse, the artist make both of these art immortalized in blockchain. Indeed each of them are protected under a NFT. Only 1 NFT for the Physical piece and only 10 for the digital piece in order to allow more people to own the digital life of the physical piece. 



Physical artwork picture


Physical NFT :TA-PH 

NFT ID : OBJKT 13528

Blockchain : TEZOS



Digital file


Digital NFT :TA-DI 

NFT ID : OBJKT 13532

Blockchain : TEZOS




It can be seen on

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