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Dionysius Collection : The Value concept with NFTs

It is a physical NFT, that is to say totally linked to the shell, but it is above all an abyss of money value, money. It is directly inspired by the days when seashells were used in the trade of goods. Take the example of the Cauri from Malaysia, only 12 of which allowed cattle to be bought in the most remote corners of the shore. Like gold, seashells are a material. They are certainly less rare but they remain a tangible material. Positive. That’s the point. These materials made it possible to settle a debt. To fill the hole in a cash register, a negative. Yes, because when you owe a sum it means that someone is missing, that it is not there. It’s an absence. Shell, gold, silver, metal are all materials that made it possible to fill this absence. The one who had it no longer has it and the one who lacked it is fulfilled. The material value gradually faded in favor of a negative value. We pay an amount due with another amount (usually due by a central bank). One fills a void by another represented in the form of paper. Money is no longer guaranteed except by itself. It is the demonstration of its own power. An infinite that looks to the future thanks to the banknote printing machine. It reaffirms the myth of metempsychosis every time it is printed by reincarnating the value in new banknotes. A lord both dead and alive who is filling the holes with new holes. A double negative. Bitcoin is not owed by anyone but obeys the market of supply and demand. Its protocol is a store of value like material. Like this shell.


Physical NFT : TA-PH

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