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"Lawrence Lessig, with Creative Commons was tackling the issues of circulating digital works via the web. We're tackling the same issues, but for NFTs of digital works"

Clément Fontaine - Tokenart founder


What is Tokenart?

Tokenart is an Opensource and decentralized project resulting from university research allowing creators to issue secure and legal NFTs. It allows all users to participate in a decentralized way in the skimming of NFT market.
It also provides a standard allowing NFT creators to inform their communities of the rights they wish to assign to their creations. Tokenart is inspired by the work on Creative Commons initiated by Lawrence Lessig to better manage the transfer of rights on the internet through NFTs. It was created by Clément Fontaine PhD Candidate in law.
What our NFT licenses do ? 

Tokenart licenses and protocol forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates. Our protocol give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to grant right permissions to their NFT identifying their creative work. 

How does it work for creators?
Tokenart currently only welcomes a small number of creators and participants handpicked by the community itself. You can use this form to create an NFT and submit your profile.

Can we ask Tokenart to create a tailor-made NFT?
It is possible to ask certain members of the community to create a tailor-made NFT. They will soon be identified on our Discord according to the type of creation they represent. 
What objective are we pursuing?
We want to create a collaborative and global common allowing any creator to facilitate the transmission of his rights on the internet thanks to NFTs. We want to allow creators to enter the world of NFTs and benefit from the advantages offered by the blockchain in a healthy and secure way. We want to put the power of surveillance and justice back into the hands of the community, which feels concerned by respecting the copyright of our creators.
How do we allow creators to secure and monetize their creations?
The simple fact of tokenizing a creation through our standard offers the creator a legal proof of paternity of his work opposable in front of a court of justice. Our standard then allows the creator to choose which copyright he chooses to offer through his NFT.

What is a NFT ?

A non-fungible token (NFT as the abbreviation) is a specific type of crypto token that represents ownership of something unique.

Non-fungible tokens are not interchangeable or duplicable and are immutable. During any interaction or transaction, they remain individually identifiable and recognizable. The Tokenart service allows you to legally bind your physical work to an NFT.

Source : Swiss authentis.

How to authenticate my artwork with NFT ?

An NFT being unique and providing immutable proof, it makes it possible to identify and authenticate a work of art directly in the blockchain so as to leave a trace as solid and lasting as the blockchain is.

How to automate the royalties on a work of art?

When creating your NFT you will only have to choose the option allowing you to automate an annuity on all future sales of your work. Thus, if you choose a royalty of around 10%, this amount will be automatically paid to you for each of the transfers made via your NFT.

How to sell my artwork on plateforme ? 

Once your physical work of art is linked to your NFT, you can put it on sale directly on platforms accepting NFTs and allowing direct online purchases.

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