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Traditional NFT Licence (TA-DI)

This license applies to all NFTs that identify it. In this sense, the fact of holding an NFT including the terms TA-DI amounts to accepting the terms and conditions of this license. This license is deemed to be accepted by having the NFT which identifies it. By purchasing this NFT you acknowledge having accepted the terms and conditions of this license.

When You exercise the Rights granted by the license (defined below), you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Tokenart Public License - Representation of a prior right (the "Public License"). To the extent that this Public License can be interpreted as a contract, You benefit from the Rights granted by the license in return for Your acceptance of these terms and conditions, and the Licensor grants You these rights in return for the benefits provided to it by making the Work available under license under these terms and conditions.



Article 1. Definitions


Licensor means an individual or entity granting this Public License and the rights granted by it.

You (licensee) means any individual or entity exercising the Rights granted by the license. Your and Vos also refer to the licensee.

License Rights means rights granted to You under the terms and conditions of use set out in this Public License, applicable to Your use of the good and the licensed NFT and which the Licensor has the right to grant.

Exceptions and Limitations means fair use and fair dealing and / or any other exception or limitation applicable to Your use of the property and the licensed NFT.

Digital good means any good represented by electronic means such as a computer file. This therefore includes video, audio, image, text, 3D, software etc. This list is not exhaustive.



Article 2. Scope of this public license 


The purpose of this Public License is to identify the digital asset by means of the NFT. Ownership of the NFT only allows you to become the owner of the NFT. The NFT only represents the property of the Token identifying one or more digital goods, but in no case digital goods itself. No other intellectual property rights are represented by the NFT. 


Article 3. Condition of use of this Public License. 


The exercise of the Rights granted by the license is expressly subject to the following conditions. The rights granted to you are the same as those allowed by the state of the art in the retention, transfer, registration and issuance of said token. 


Article 4. Evidence convention 


The Licensor and You agree to comply with the provisions of this article constituting the proof agreement. As part of the relationship between You and the Licensor, proof of connections, operations and transfers made on the blockchain will be established in light of the public connection logs of the blockchain hosting the NFT. You and the Licensor agree to the probative value of these connection logs. The Licensor and you expressly agree that the recordings on computer media of the blockchain hosting the NFT constitute proof of the operations carried out. Accordingly, you and the Licensor agree that these recordings are presumed reliable in the event of dispute and are admissible as evidence in court.



Article 5. Limitations of warranty and exclusions of liability


Unless otherwise specified and to the extent possible, the Licensor makes the Product available under license as is, and makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever, in particular express, implied, statutory or otherwise concerning it. This includes, in particular, the guarantees related to the title, to the market value, to the compatibility of certain particular uses, to the absence of infringement, to the absence of latent defects or other defects, to the accuracy, to the presence or the absence of errors known or not or likely to be discovered in the Licensed Good. Where a limitation of warranty is not authorized in whole or in part, this clause may not apply to You. As far as possible, the Licensor cannot be held liable to You, whatever the legal basis (including, in particular, negligence), for any direct, special, indirect damage, incident, consequential, punitive, exemplary, or for any losses, costs, expenses or damages arising from the use of this Public License or the use of the Licensed Good, even if the Licensor was aware of the 'possibility of such loss, cost, expense or damage. Where an exclusion of liability is not authorized in whole or in part, this clause may not apply to You. The above limitations of warranty and disclaimers should be interpreted, to the extent possible, as full limitations and disclaimers of all liability. 


Article 6. Right of paternity on the work 


The creator of this NFT is presumed to be the author of the work identified by the NFT or at the very least, to have had permission from the original author to create this NFT. 


Article 7. Duration and end


This Public License applies throughout the life of the blockchain that hosts the NFT representative of the Good subject to the License.   Tokenart is not a party to its public licenses. However, Tokenart reserves the right to use one of its public licenses for the creations and goods that it publishes, and in this case will be considered as "Licensor". Tokenart does not authorize the use by any party of the "Tokenart" trademark or any other Tokenart trademark or logo without the prior written consent of Tokenart. This restriction on the use of trademarks does not form part of our public licenses.

What is a NFT ?

A non-fungible token (NFT as the abbreviation) is a specific type of crypto token that represents ownership of something unique.

Non-fungible tokens are not interchangeable or duplicable and are immutable. During any interaction or transaction, they remain individually identifiable and recognizable. The Tokenart service allows you to legally bind your physical work to an NFT.

Source : Swiss authentis.

How to authenticate my artwork with NFT ?

An NFT being unique and providing immutable proof, it makes it possible to identify and authenticate a work of art directly in the blockchain so as to leave a trace as solid and lasting as the blockchain is.

How to automate the royalties on a work of art?

When creating your NFT you will only have to choose the option allowing you to automate an annuity on all future sales of your work. Thus, if you choose a royalty of around 10%, this amount will be automatically paid to you for each of the transfers made via your NFT.

How to sell my artwork on plateforme ? 

Once your physical work of art is linked to your NFT, you can put it on sale directly on platforms accepting NFTs and allowing direct online purchases.

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