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Terms of Service

This page and the documents to which it relates govern your use of the website available under the following domain name:, and the pages associated with it (below) :, the "Website" or the "Site"), as an Internet user or user (hereinafter "User"). Read these terms of use carefully before you start using the Site. By using our Website, you agree to comply with it.

These general conditions (hereinafter the "General Conditions") organize the relations between Soleauchain and natural or legal persons (duly represented by a natural person), using the Site and the services offered there for professional purposes, in the strict framework of their commercial, industrial, craft, liberal, etc. activity to the exclusion of any other use, in particular, for private, family or personal purposes.

1. Identification of Soleauchain

Soleauchain is represented by Clément Fontaine for his commercial activity based at the number 14 GRANDE RUE SERMAMAGNY in FRANCE, which can be reached by phone on +33 607826125 or by email at: (hereinafter: “Soleauchain ”) Publishes an accessible website, in particular, under the following domain name:

The publication director is Clément FONTAINE.

Hosting of the Site is provided by the company WIX.COM LTD, situated at 40 PORT DE TEL AVIV 99207 TEL AVIV JAFFA having the following french national ID : 808 452 825.

Soleauchain IS NOT A LAW FIRM AND DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE. In accordance with the applicable regulations and, in particular, the provisions of the amended law of December 31, 1971, Soleauchain does not carry out legal consultation, drafting of private deeds or representation. You acknowledge that you create your Documents yourself, without the advice of a legal professional. For any legal consultation, you acknowledge that it is mandatory to contact (through the Site or by any other means) a lawyer or any other person authorized by law to provide legal advice. The Site and / or the Services offered on the Site can in no way be a substitute for legal advice.

2. Services provided by Soleauchain

The Services offered include in particular:

• provision of models of legal acts as well as, if necessary, software (in the form of dynamic questionnaires) allowing you, in return for payment of the corresponding price, to personalize said models yourself and download the documents thus created (the "Document (s)")

• provision of Tokens and software, directly or through any service provider specializing in the creation of tokens, allowing you, in return for payment of the corresponding price, to personalize said tokens yourself and to receive on the wallet of your choice the Tokens thus created (the “Non-fungile Token (s)”).

• provision of Content on the Site, the term "Content" designating any document, guide, article, interactive legal and social information tool, information accessible or downloadable from the Site.

• creation timestamp service (the "Timestamp Service")

• the supply of certificate and document attesting to the date of anchoring or the authenticity of a creation.

• The creation of NFT Wrap Token: TA-TO. Itprovides the ability for anyone to create an NFT representative of a work of art having at least minimum value at a certain amount of digital asset. To do so, Tokenart certifies that the corresponding digital asset amount has been sent for the creation of this work of art in the form of an NFT. In exchange for the fungible digital asset amount, Tokenart will deliver the NFT to the customer's crypto address. The service called UNWRAP allows any holder of an NFT called NFT TA-TO to formalize an offer to sell to Tokenart for the amount of digital assets purchased. Tokenart will issue an exchange offer for the NFTs it has created on the page titled Wrapped NFT. It will then be possible for any holder of this type of NFT to accept the exchange offer and receive the associated tokens. 

As a service provider, Soleauchain does not choose, control and / or approve beforehand the elements integrated by Users on the Site. Soleauchain does not intervene and does not interfere at any time in the activities initiated by Users in this context. He cannot have knowledge or control, nor can he monitor said activities and / or items thus used or provided by Users via the Site.

It simply takes into account the elements provided by the user following the questionnaire and performs the requested task. Soleauchain cannot therefore be held responsible for the possible illicit nature of the elements thus communicated and stored by the Users. Each User is solely responsible for all activities carried out on the Site and for his use of the Services. It is therefore his responsibility to ensure that he has all the rights, authorizations and authorizations necessary for said activities.

In doing so, all Users are informed and expressly accepts that these Services constitute an innovative and new solution to prove the existence and date of their Intangible Assets, in particular know-how, content, documents, data, files, information as well. as the creation of document and Tokens. Its proper functioning is therefore based on responsible use of the Services offered on the Site by all Users and, in particular:

• the communication of accurate and sincere information;

• the protection of elements which they actually hold and / or for which they have the required authorizations.

Failure to comply with these requirements - in particular, any false declaration and / or the improper use or appropriation of assets from others - would indeed be liable to make all of the elements open to criticism and, therefore, unenforceable. provided by Soleauchain.

Regarding the provision of non-fungible tokens,

Soleauchain intervenes exclusively for (i) the creation of the Token on the platform of your choice by Soleauchain on your behalf using the data you have communicated and the choices you have made and, in the event that the platform and the chosen Token comes from the RARIBLE platform and that the option of successive crypto royalties has been chosen, (ii) the collection and payment of royalties collected as a result of secondary sales of the work. Moreover, choosing royalties option for your Non-fungible Token implies that you choose a RARIBLE token. 

3. Acceptance of the General Conditions

3.1 General

In order to be able to access the service provided by the Site, the User must have read and unreservedly accept these General Conditions of Use

Accessing the Site and purchasing a blockchain anchor service imply application of the stipulations and conditions defined herein. Anyone not wishing to accept these General Conditions must therefore refrain from using the Site.

The General Conditions are subject to change, Soleauchain reserves the right to modify them at any time. The General Conditions in force are those accessible on the Site in the "General conditions of use" section each time a User connects to the Site.

3.2 Use of Site Services

The use of the Services offered on the Site is subject to prior identification by the User.

These services are intended for an international audience excluding French territory without excluding French-speaking countries. French people accessing the site from France are therefore strictly prohibited from contracting with Soleauchain represented in the person of Clément Fontaine.

It is specified that any natural person using the Site on behalf of a legal person to which they are attached declares that they have the necessary authorizations for this purpose. Without having the necessary authorizations or agreements, the natural person is liable to legal proceedings both on the part of Soleauchain and of the legal person concerned.

To access the services of the Site, the User undertakes to communicate all the mandatory information concerning him required in the registration form. In the absence of an answer to the mandatory questions, the User will not be able to use the Site and the Services offered there.

Each User undertakes to communicate only information which is specific to him, or which is specific to the legal person he represents, which is accurate and up to date and which does not infringe the rights of third parties or which is contrary to public order and good morals.

Soleauchain requests confirmation of the information filled in by each User by sending a confirmation request to the email address provided in the registration form.

As part of its activity, Soleauchain collects personal data concerning each User. This collection and processing carried out by Soleauchain to allow the use of the Services offered there are carried out in compliance with the regulations of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, as amended and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter "GDPR"). The conditions for the use of personal data are specified in the Annex below entitled "Privacy Policy".

Soleauchain may request each User to confirm - by any means - the information transmitted, their identity and the authorization / authorization they have to access the service within the framework of their functions within a legal person having the status of User, to which it is attached. If the User communicates erroneous information or refuses to refer to requests for supporting documents from Soleauchain, the latter may exclude the User from the Site.

Once the form is completed, Users will be able to access the Services offered by Soleauchain. The files communicated to Soleauchain by each User in the context of requests are strictly confidential. The user can use the soleauchain logo and name on his site to justify the anchoring carried out.

The User can send his files with the email address of his choice of which he has the user name and password. He assumes custody and risks of loss. For this reason, the User must take all the necessary precautions to ensure their confidentiality, security and correct use, in order to prevent them from being revealed to unauthorized third parties. It is in particular the responsibility of the legal person, who wishes to communicate the username and password of the account to several people within the company so that they can use the services, to ensure that the communication takes place in compliance confidentiality and the best IT security standards. The User remains solely responsible for the use by any other person of his username and password as well as, in particular, of all operations carried out via his account by authorized persons or agents.

Consequently, any request for service to the Site via an email address will be presumed to have been made by the holder of this email address and under his exclusive responsibility. In the event of fraudulent use of their password and / or user name, the User undertakes to inform the Company in writing as soon as possible.

3.3 Subscription of tariff formulas

3.3.1 General conditions

As part of the service provision, Soleauchain offers each User to subscribe to one of the different pricing plans allowing him to access the Services offered on the Site.

The contents and practical modalities of each formula are detailed on the Site.

It is specified that these formulas can be modified by Soleauchain at any time, it being understood that any modification will only be applicable to formulas subscribed by the User after said modifications. They will not affect the Services while they are running.

The subscription of a formula is concretized by a succession of steps on the Site and / or by email through the email address allowing the User to check the details of the chosen formula - in this including, description of the Associated Services, their duration and price - before confirmation and payment.

After confirmation and payment, the Company acknowledges receipt by email sent to the address provided by the User.

However, all data, files and information provided by the User on the Site and possibly hosted on it will be deleted. It is therefore the responsibility of the User to ensure that he has previously registered by any means all of the said data, files and information belonging to him before the end or the early termination of his tariff plan.

3.3.2 Specific condition regarding the provision of non fungible-token

The user using the non-fungible token service to represent one of his physical creations undertakes to put in possession of the physical creation the user who will prove possession of the NFT linked to the physical creation. To do so, he will use traditional means of transport and ask to be paid by means of the cryptographic address in order to verify the identity of the user and his possession of the Token. Owning the Token linked to the physical creation entails the ownership of said physical creation.

3.4 Duration of the formula or subscription

Soleauchain may at any time, upon notification sent to a User by e-mail, exclude any User from the site, subject to compliance with a notice of ten (10) days in the event of the latter's breach of his obligations under these General Conditions not repaired within this period and, in particular, in the event of the supply of non-conforming identification or personalization elements and / or inaccurate or not updated identification information and / or in the event of infringement of the rights of third parties / or violation of applicable laws and regulations and / or annoyance with good customs or public order.

It is specified that Soleauchain will exclude the User without notice in the event of a serious and non-repairable breach committed by the latter, without prejudice to any damage interest to which Soleauchain could claim as such.

4. Guarantee - Liability

4.1 The User

The User declares to be fully aware:

• the need for him to keep each protected document through the Site Services in its digital integrity for a long time, without modification or alteration of any kind;

• the fact that any modification or alteration of the document in its protected digital integrity would prevent any possibility for the User to verify the existence of blockchain evidence previously created through the Service;

• the fact that his evidence could be unusable, failing to keep the documents protected in their digital integrity;

• the need for him to keep, in sufficiently secure hosting terms, each document he has protected through the Service in its digital integrity, and for the entire period during which he may need to proofs of existence thus constituted

• The need for him to keep secret the private key of his cryptographic address in order to be in total control of the digital asset linked to his address.

The User acknowledges the importance of these declarations in the context of the use of the Services which he envisages, and acknowledges that no responsibility for Soleauchain could be sought in this respect, being reminded that the free hosting service that 'he could propose can in no case replace the exclusive responsibility of the User for the durable preservation of his documents protected through the Services in their digital integrity.

Each User declares, recognizes and guarantees that he will only use the Services and / or the Site in strict compliance with the regulations applicable to his activities and that he will not integrate into the Site any element contravening the laws and regulations in force, and in particular, that he is the holder of all the intellectual property rights or others (in particular, ownership of business secrets and know-how) relating to the content whose proof of existence is constituted by the intermediary of the Service and / or has all the necessary authorizations for their protection by the Service, under its responsibility.

Soleauchain cannot be held responsible for the possible illegal nature of the content whose proof of existence is established through the Service by or at the request of a User.

Solochain does not issue any promise to purchase, redeem or sell to Users of any type of digital asset. None of the writing on the site can be analyzed as well.

Each User is solely responsible for any direct or indirect damage arising from: the use of the Site and the Services, any violation of the General Conditions as well as any faulty activity initiated from the Site, due to any fault or negligence.

Each User therefore guarantees Soleauchain against any legal or administrative action, claim, claim or opposition on the part of any administration, or any natural or legal person invoking an infringement of legal and / or regulatory provisions, damage, damage, a right and / or violation of such a right whose activity of the User via the Site is directly or indirectly at the origin. In this case, the User will bear all the financial consequences resulting from this, and in particular the lawyers' fees, the amount of the sentences pronounced within the framework of a court decision as well as compensation and costs of any kind exhibited by Soleauchain.

4.2 Soleauchain

For its part and for the only elements of the Site published directly by Soleauchain and in particular the Services provided there, Soleauchain undertakes to comply with the rules of the art and the regulations applicable to the Services, with a view to their successful completion.

As part of an obligation of means, Soleauchain makes the necessary efforts to allow uninterrupted access to the Site and the Services by the Users. However, Soleauchain cannot guarantee the accessibility and the permanent proper functioning of the Site and the Services. It implements the necessary measures to ensure their availability. For technical reasons, a temporary interruption of the Site and / or the Services is however possible. Soleauchain will endeavor to inform Users as best as possible about the nature and duration of any interruptions but does not, however, incur any responsibility in the event of the unavailability of the Site or one of the Services. Soleauchain cannot be held responsible if Users fail to access all or part of the Site and / or the Services due to any technical defect or any problem in particular and not limited to: congestion on the Internet, failure of internet service providers, human or electrical error, any malicious intervention, any software or hardware malfunction and / or a case of force majeure.

In addition, Soleauchain cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages (loss of data, financial loss, profit, loss of chance) that a User could suffer as a result of the Site and / or one of the Services for whatever the reason, in particular, because of its connection to the Site, the impossibility of accessing or connecting to the Site, or the non-functioning or functioning of all or part of the Services. In particular, damage that may arise from inaccurate content, errors, slowness or interruption in the transmission, loss, disappearance or alteration of data, viruses, whatever their origin, d intrusions from third parties, and more generally from the use of the Site or a Service or the impossibility of using them.

Soleauchain cannot be held responsible for the hosting by the User of the data downloaded by the User and stored by Soleauchain.

In addition, the Site may also allow Users to access, via hypertext links placed in the various sections, services published and provided by third-party partners (hereinafter referred to as "Partner Services"). The Site may also contain clickable advertising elements (banners, buttons, etc.), referring Users to the sites and services of third parties.

The Partner Services, as well as the advertising elements and third-party services to which they provide access, are offered independently by the partners, advertisers or third-party publishers of its services, under their sole responsibility. Consequently, Soleauchain cannot be held responsible for the content of the Partner Services accessible by links appearing on the Site, nor for all of the offers, information consulted or transactions carried out on these Partner Services; only the publishers of Partner Services are engaged in a contractual relationship with the User.

Consequently, any User accessing the Partner Services via the Site will thus be exclusively subject to the specific conditions of use and / or sale of said Partner Services. Soleauchain will not provide any service or guarantee as for the Partner Services used by the Users and / or as for the aforementioned advertising elements. Consequently, Soleauchain declines all responsibility in the event that the Partner Services, the content and advertisements provided by third parties contravene the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

However, Soleauchain will make its best efforts to transmit, as soon as possible, to the Partner Services and / or to the third parties concerned, any questions or complaints by Users relating to these services. In order for the Company to identify the subject of their request and the Partner Service concerned, Users will take care to attach precise information to their request.


5. Intellectual property

All the elements of the Soleauchain Site - in particular: its structure, the Services offered there, their content, the information presented there, illustrations, photographs, images, sounds and videos, their organization, databases and the software tools used therein - is protected under intellectual property rights and belongs exclusively to Soleauchain.

The brands and logos (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Brands") reproduced on the Site are registered or non-registered trademarks belonging exclusively to Soleauchain. In particular, the Tokenart and Soleauchain brands are registered trademarks, of which Soleauchain is the sole exclusive owner. No element of the Site can be considered as an implicit incitement or authorization to use the Marks published on the Site. Any use requires the prior written consent of Soleauchain. Any misuse of the Marks or any other content displayed on the Site is strictly prohibited. The Company grants Users who access the Site a personal, non-exclusive right to use the Site and its contents. Consequently, said Users undertake to respect the intellectual property rights relating to the Site and the elements composing it, and in particular not:

• reproduce, represent, modify, alter, repost without the prior authorization of the Company, any element contained or relating to the Site;

• divert or make commercial use of the Site and / or the Services by offering them to third parties, without first asking for an express agreement from the Company;

• extract, reuse, store, reproduce, represent or preserve, directly or indirectly, on any medium, by any means and in any form whatsoever, all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the Site as well as carrying out an extraction or the repeated and systematic reuse of qualitatively and quantitatively insubstantial parts when these operations manifestly exceed the conditions of normal use of the Site.

6. Effects hereof

If any stipulation of these General Conditions should be declared null or inapplicable by a competent Court, it will be considered as unwritten and all other stipulations of the General Conditions will remain fully in force unless its inapplicability does not significantly affect the balance of the General Conditions.

Soleauchain will replace the stipulation declared void or unenforceable by a valid clause capable of execution having as much as possible the effect that the stipulation declared void or unenforceable should have had.

The fact for Soleauchain of not availing itself of the benefit of a right or of a User's failure to fulfill any of its obligations under these General Conditions cannot be interpreted for the future as an abdication or waiver by the Company of the obligation in question.

The titles of the articles which are inserted in the General Conditions have only value of reference and will not affect the interpretation of the General Conditions.

The relations between Soleauchain and the Users are and will remain those of parties acting within the framework of the General Conditions in complete independence. The General Conditions can therefore in no way be considered as constituting or establishing a form of business, employment contract, GIE or association between them. None of the parties has, under these General Conditions, the power to bind the other party in any way whatsoever, and in particular for the signing of any contract, letter of intent, order or any written document or deed beyond what is expressly stipulated in the General Conditions, unless expressly requested in writing by the other party.

These General Conditions are expressly subject to French law. Any dispute relating to the use of the Site and the Services by the Users, relating to the said General Conditions, to their interpretation or to their execution, in the absence of amicable agreement reached following the occurrence of such a dispute, will be of exclusive competence of the Commercial Court of Paris, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or call in guarantee, even for the conservatory procedures, in summary procedure or by request.

7. Applicable law

The law applicable to these general conditions of sale is French law. It is recalled that this choice concerning French law may not have the result of depriving the User of the protection provided to him by the imperative rules of his country of residence.

8. Applicable jurisdiction

The applicable jurisdiction is the jurisdiction of the place of the address of Soleauchain represented in the person of Clément Fontaine, namely the court of Le Havre.




Confidentiality policy of the service accessible on the site "" (hereinafter, together: the "Site"), edited by Clément Fontaine bearing the commercial name of Soleauchain.

1. Data collection

Soleauchain collects personal data from users of the Site (hereinafter the "Users"), in particular through the "form" section.

Personal data is defined as “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; is deemed to be an “identifiable natural person” a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier, such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier, or to one or more specific elements specific to their physical, physiological, genetic, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity ”.

2. Data collected

The personal data collected by Soleauchain are:

• the surname, first name, date of birth, email address, telephone number, billing address, cryptographic address, payment details of the Site user, whether the latter creates an account for himself or for a legal person whom it represents,

• information on the use of the Site recorded via cookies or other tracers: the pages of the Site visited, the date and time of access, or even behavioral data relating to the analysis of actions and choices made on the Site.

When registering and at any time during their use of the Site, each User agrees to update the data and information concerning him. As such, it guarantees the veracity, accuracy and completeness of the information transmitted on the Site and will be solely responsible for any error, oversight or failure to update.

3. Purpose of the collection

The information communicated on the Site allows Soleauchain to:

• improve the user experience on the Site;

• allow and facilitate anchoring in the blockchain and proof of the existence and dating of the Intangible Assets thus anchored, in particular in that they can be automatically included in the document entitled “Blockchain Anchoring Certificate”, intended to justify '' Blockchain proof of Intangible Assets, vis-à-vis third parties (business partners, courts, etc.).

• send personalized requests and the Soleauchain newsletter by e-mail;

• provide the requested services or information;

• allow the subscription and the contract to be executed;

• anonymously generate statistics on the activity of the Site in order to measure, in particular, the satisfaction and quality of the services and thus allow the improvement and optimization of the Site;

• manage the security of the Site

• communicate publicly the information for the managing need of the token.

4. Use and transmission of data

Soleauchain and Wix WIX.COM LTD, a foreign company registered in the commercial register and having the SIREN number 808 452 825. Domiciled at 40 PORTDE TEL AVIV 99207 TEL AVIV JAFFA are responsible for the processing of personal data collected for its service.

Soleauchain is, with its subcontractors and contractual partners, the only recipient of said data.

The data is hosted by the company WIX.COM LTD, a foreign company registered in the commercial register and having the SIREN number 808 452 825. Domiciled at 40 PORTDE TEL AVIV 99207 TEL AVIV JAFFA, and will in all cases be the object of a cloud sovereign.

Soleauchain only transmits personal data of users of the Site to third parties:

• when said user has given their prior agreement to share this information;

• when Soleauchain must share said information with its service providers and to provide the services requested by said user; and

• when Soleauchain receives the request from a judicial authority or any administrative authority empowered by law, requesting the communication of this information in accordance with the legislative provisions in force.


5. Duration of data storage

Soleauchain retains the personal data communicated to it for a period strictly necessary for the performance of its activity.

Personal data is kept for a period of three (3) years from the last interaction between the user and the Site or from the end of the contract concluded by said User, with the exception of any electronic contracts worth more than one hundred and twenty (120) euros which will be archived for a period of ten (10) years from the end of the relationship.

Certain data may be kept (invoices, quotes, credit notes) for a commercially reasonable period of time, for backup, archiving or audit purposes. The mandatory retention period is in particular ten (10) years for invoices.

Cookies are kept for a maximum period of thirteen (13) months from their collection.


6. Rights of individuals over the data collected

Each User of the Site has the right to request access to their personal data, rectification or erasure thereof, a limitation of the processing which concerns them, to object to said processing and to portability of its data. These rights can be exercised by request sent by:

• email to the following address:, or

• postal mail to the following address: Soleauchain 5 place de la mairie manéglise 76600 LE HAVRE FRANCE.

The user also has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority for the protection of personal data.


7. Cookies

Depending on the setting of their cookies, each User accepts that the Site stores information concerning their navigation, in particular to ensure the proper functioning of the Site, to establish attendance statistics as well as to optimize their conditions of use and services offered there.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file placed on the hard drive. It contains some data relating to the connection, in particular the name of the server which wrote it, most often an identifier in the form of a unique number and, possibly, an expiration date. This identifier can allow the Site to recognize the User's computer, browser, mobile or tablet at each visit. Cookies are managed by its internet browser.

What types of cookies are used?

Functional cookies

They improve the quality of navigation on the Site, in particular by saving the preferences that the user has expressed during the visit to the Site. The information collected via these cookies is anonymous and does not identify the user.

Audience measurement cookies

These cookies are used by the Site to serve the production of anonymous statistics. They make it possible to recognize visitors, count them and identify how they move around the Site when they use it. This improves the operation of the Site, for example by ensuring that users find what they are looking for easily.

Targeting cookies

Subject to the prior acceptance by the User, these are cookies used to present advertisements to him or to send him information adapted to his centers of interest on the Site or outside it while browsing. on the Internet. They are used in particular to limit the number of times the User sees an advertisement and to help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The refusal of these targeting cookies has no impact on the use of the Site. However, refusing targeting cookies will not stop advertising on the Site or on the internet. This will only have the effect of displaying an advertisement which does not take into account the interests or preferences of the User. These cookies are mainly third-party cookies. These cookies mainly depend on advertising management.

Cookie allowing third parties to provide social sharing tools

Subject to the acceptance by the User, when he uses one of the sharing buttons on the Site, a cookie may be installed by the social network concerned in order to share the content instantly on the social network. The Site does not block cookies from these third-party sites and has no control over their location. The User is invited to consult the policy of these social networks regarding cookies for more information.

How to oppose it?

If he wishes to modify his wishes regarding cookies, he can do so at any time on the Site as well as by configuring the settings of his browser:

For Internet Explorer ™:

For Safari ™:

For Chrome ™:

Depending on such settings, navigation will be modified and access to the Site's services more or less limited. In particular, disabling so-called functional cookies will alter, or even make it impossible to visit the Site.

8. Specifics for minors

The Site does not target minors under the age of 16 as public.

However, if information was collected on a minor under the age of 18 by the Site, the legal representative of the minor must give his prior agreement and validate the communication of the data.

9. Updating the Privacy Policy

Soleauchain may change its privacy policy.

If Soleauchain wishes to use the personal data of a user of the Site in a manner different from that stipulated in the privacy policy in force at the time of their collection, these modifications will be visible on the Site.

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