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Your creation legal partner 

Manage your right easier


Tokenize your physical artwork

Choose your creation
Fill the survey
Get your NFT directly on your wallet

Sculpture, painting, shoes, lamp ...Your imagination is your sole limit. 

Shape your token by answering simple question. Choose a name, royalties option, describe physical artwork etc. 

Congratulation ! You can now manage your token as you want to.


What are the advantages ?

Authentification and traceability
Increased liquidity by selling plateforme and term delivery
You can easily program a pourcentage from each time your NFT artwork is sold.  

NFT certify artwork orinality and ensure its transfer tracability 

Once your NFT created you can sell it online through selling plateforme such as

Term delivery option allow you to consign the physical artwork for a limited time on order to let you sell the Token without having to send directly the artwork

Thanks ownership traceability, you can decid to keep a pourcentage of your artwork royalties each time it is sold

Bar Chart

Creation managment

Protect your creation through anteriority proof

Fill a document 

Get your legal document directly by mail

Send all kind of document for anteriority certificate


Use your anteriority certificat to manage your right 

Determine your creation futur



Non-divulding Agreement NDA, Assignement agreement, company contribution ? 

Your document will be ready to be signed

Share your creation after signature 


Contact us !

Directly on the chat or by mail

The decentralized way

In addition to accepting traditional fiat currency we accept the following decentralized payment :


Please do not hesitate to advise us a new crypto currency directly by the chat ;)

Terms and agreements

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