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Protect your creation in some clicks !


 70 years protection for 2 minutes recording.



          - Valid in more than 170 countries worldwide

       - For any file format 

       - Ensure your file integrity

- A real time notarization


- Innovations & creations protected



Intellectual property is divided into two main legal roots which are 


1) Copyright

2) Industrial property rights


Both of these rights can be used to protect a creation.

Principle: The blockchain replicates confidentially the proof of your creation in each machine of its network


A creation having acquired a certain date is a creation which has been time-stamped and stored with integrity.

However, proving the integrity of digital proof means proving there have been any alteration since the registration. Thus you can ensure the proof retain its original state all way long its storage since the timestamp. 

Digital social media
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To be able to exercise its right on a creation it is essential to give it a certain date. For more information, refer to the article on the importance of the certain date. Blockchain technology allows this at a lower cost by anchoring the proof of your creations in its distributed ledger. 

Inventors or promoters as creative as they are do not always have useful reflexes to protect their rights and realize, sometimes too late, the importance of these protections.


Anchoring a confidential creation in blockchain will allow it to be protected under several rights.

Bright Idea

About Soleauchain


You can easily protect your creation, know-how, innovations everywhere when you want.

Soleauchain was founded by Clément Fontaine, specialist in intellectual property law, new technologies and researcher in blockchain law.


It aims to allow the greatest number of creators to easily benefit from the beneficial effects of the blockchain. It provides legal proof whose integrity is far superior to traditional technologies which allows creators to give a timestamp to their creation.


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The decentralized way

In addition to accepting traditional fiat currency we accept the following decentralized payment :


Please do not hesitate to advise us a new crypto currency directly by the chat ;)

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