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See the compatibility Tabs with Tokenart NFT Licence and Creative common free licence

Tokenart NFT License TA-TO

Fongible TOKEN to NFT


The license representing on NFT the value over the referenced tokens

 This information is a human readable summary for all but does not constitute the legal license.  


Under the terms of the license:


TO: Token value is linked to the NFT. The user sends his tokens to the address given by Tokenart which sends him a WRAPPED NFT. Tokens value will be wrapped in an NFT. Thus, the NFT represents Tokens value.

This means that:  


The NFT identify the wrap artwork and the value of the Tokens described. No other property rights are represented by the NFT. This means that the NFT is linked to the tokens.


Compatibility with OPENSOURCE licenses:


This license is fully compatible with the free creative common licenses




 The user can wrap their own tokens to turn them into NFTs. He can thus link fungible tokens value to his creations


Wrapped tokens crypto address :

 Ethereum (ETH & ERC20) : 0xcdeF18405801a6BfB24745Be34A86de5b44b4D0A

Bitcoin (BTC) : bc1qg895ejrysky883qtppx4urlxe585cwfrxndgsp 

Tezos (XTZ & EIP) : tz1fwCTVUxLXeBiig4MPuoo3NP2oPo5fLfGJ

What is a NFT ?

A non-fungible token (NFT as the abbreviation) is a specific type of crypto token that represents ownership of something unique.

Non-fungible tokens are not interchangeable or duplicable and are immutable. During any interaction or transaction, they remain individually identifiable and recognizable. The Tokenart service allows you to legally bind your physical work to an NFT.

Source : Swiss authentis.

How to authenticate my artwork with NFT ?

An NFT being unique and providing immutable proof, it makes it possible to identify and authenticate a work of art directly in the blockchain so as to leave a trace as solid and lasting as the blockchain is.

How to automate the royalties on a work of art?

When creating your NFT you will only have to choose the option allowing you to automate an annuity on all future sales of your work. Thus, if you choose a royalty of around 10%, this amount will be automatically paid to you for each of the transfers made via your NFT.

How to sell my artwork on plateforme ? 

Once your physical work of art is linked to your NFT, you can put it on sale directly on platforms accepting NFTs and allowing direct online purchases.

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